When I Met Him For The First Time!

When I met him for the first time, I did not like him. I was in standard 9th at that time. We met at my home. We were hurring to go to my grandfather’s house. Suddenly, he and his father came. We got late because of them.

So, there was a little disliking for him on our first meeting. He took my notebooks to complete his class work as he had taken admission in my school.

When school started, he was the first guy whom I started noticing, but not in a likeable way. Slam books were very popular at that time. We all used to fill slam books with different color pens. And then, I read a slam book of one of my friend, in which he wrote. There was a column in that book which was, “Your happiest moment will be…”

He wrote, “When I will become a father.”

Everyone was shocked by reading that line. Because at that age, no body has a single thought about marriage and he was a step ahead, to have kids.

Everyone was questioning his character. “How can he write such a line?” “Doesn’t he has any shame?”

But then, we got to know eachother as we have to make a project together. We got close and became friends. Then, my perspective about him was changed. He is a decent guy. After that project, we became friends.

And I still dont know how that friendship had changed in love. I didn’t know that the guy who wrote about being happiest by becoming a father will be my husband today. And, I will be the proud mother of that happiest father.

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