No Condolences Please!

Condolences, saddened, shocked, disgusted, angry. These are some words which people are using. People write on their social accounts and forget in few days. Actors who are so angry now, will say after some days, we should not cease art and creativity in boundaries. But this time, we should not do this. We don’t need condolences, we want actions. This should be a beginning and should not be stopped. They chose the day of love to spread the hatred, we should choose day of our “Kaalbhairav” and should become their Kaal. I know, there should not be eye for an eye. But this applies only for humans, not for demons. They should be killed. The soil of our nation wants their blood. It doesn’t matter, if they are in the country or from outside. We want every militant, every traitor to be killed. This is the only solution.

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