I Can’t Say, “I Love You!”

I can’t say I love you. Yes! We are married. But do we behave like married ones?? Not at all.

We fight more than we love. We pull each other’s hairs. We argue like kids. We fight over the T.V. remote. No.. No.. We fight over the movie, we should watch on Netflix. You don’t want me to watch some cheesy daily soaps and I don’t want you to watch the news everytime. I nag over ur habit for not putting the things on the same place. You nag over my laziness when you are already late for your office.
So, Is it love?
Naahh.. I don’t think so. It’s totally, testedly, purely, surely, heavenly friendship which may be fixed by the God. The friendship that will last forever. Hai na…😉🤗💕

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