Which Word Describes Your Mom?

Hey friends!

Today is Mother’s day. So, I was thinking, who is she for me? And I must say, that she is a best friend to me.

She always shares her joys and sorrows with me, and the same thing is with me. I can share each and everything of my life with her. The only thing which I did not share with her was, my love.

And then I told her about him. At that point of time, I was at a verge of break up with him.

I was very disappointed and upset, then she asked me, “What happened? Why are you so upset?”

After listening those words of hers, tears rolled over my cheeks. She again asked me, “Tell me please.”

I said, “Mom! I like someone, and we had a great fight. I don’t know, we will be together anymore or not.”

She asked, “Who is he?”

I told her his name.

She said, “I knew it. Why you hided this with me for a long time?”

I said, “I thought you will be angry on me.”

She said, “Why would I? I know you are a mature girl now. You can take your decisions by your own.”

I cried, “But what now? He can leave me.”

She wiped my tears and said, “Don’t worry! If he leaves you, you will be fine soon. I am with you. But why are you being so negative?”

I said, “Because today is my birthday and he didn’t call me yet.”

She said, “Is your birthday over?”

I replied, “No!”

She instructed, “Then wait.”

After sometime I received a call from him.

I answered, “Hi! I thought you will not call me.”

He replied, “How could I, my love? I am sorry for everything. Forgive me please.”

I said, “Shut up you idiot! And thanks. Due to this fight I told my mom about us.”

We both smiled. After that call I went to my mother and told her that he called.

She said, “I was telling you, he will call. I know he is a nice guy. He will never hurt you.”

I smiled at her, “Yeah! You are always right mom.”

This was my story. Could you share yours?

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