The Imperfect Marriage!

The girl loves the boy, the boy loves the girl. Then what makes the marriage imperfect? To know about this, you have to read the story.

Read all episodes here…….

The Imperfect Marriage! (E-1)                                              The Imperfect Marriage!(E-2)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-3)                                               The Imperfect Marriage!(E-4)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-5)                                               The Imperfect Marriage!(E-6)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-7)                                               The Imperfect Marriage!(E-8)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-9)                                               The Imperfect Marriage!(E-10)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-11)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-12)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-13)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-14)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-15)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-16)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-17)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-18)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-19)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-20)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-21)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-22)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-23)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-24)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-25)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-26)

The Imperfect Marriage!(E-27)                                             The Imperfect Marriage!(E-28)



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